Sunday, September 23, 2018

The 2 Week Diet Plan Review: Fastest Way to Lose Weight

What is the 2 Week Diet Plan?

The 2 Week Diet Plan is exactly what it's name implies; it's a diet plan that was created by the renowned personal trainer, nutritionist, and author Brian Flatt. Flatt developed this program in order to help those who are overweight or suffering from obesity and need to lose weight. Whether due to fear of diabetes, stroke, and other weight-related diseases or just wanting to look and feel better, this 2 week diet plan may be the program for you.

Flatt was able to design a healthy system of dieting which helps dieters to lose weight quickly, averaging up to six pounds in a two week period. This diet is great for those who just need to lose a few pounds in order to get to their preferred or ideal weight. The 2 week diet plan is actually a combination of several diets which are linked in order to define different phases. This diet plan starts with a detoxification phase, followed by an optional fasting phase, which is then trailed by two more phases in which the dieter partakes in low carbs. Continue Read

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